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Edit my profile

Editing your profile:

Adding details to your profile lets you control and enhance how others see you and your profile.
However, before editing your profile, please note that few details like Religion, Community, Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Marital Status and Mother Tongue can be changed only once after your profile is registered with us.

Change Display name on my profile file and photos

Changing your display name and profile photos

Your display name is what appears at the top of your profile. It is also the name which others see along with your profile.
By default, your full name will not be shown to other members unless you choose to. You can control your privacy 100% while changing your display name.

Hide or delete my profile

Hiding your profile

When you choose to hide your profile, it will not be visible to any member of You will not be able to send Invitations or Send Messages or Chat.
We suggest you use this feature if you have stopped looking temporarily or found someone but not yet sure.

Hide my phone number change my Email address

Changing your phone number

Whenever you change your phone number, you will need to verify the new number.
You need to click on 'Edit' to change your phone number and enter your password.
After entering your new number, you need to verify it.
Verification is done in 3 easy steps -
1. Enter your new number and click on 'Verify Now'.
2. You will receive a 4 digit verification PIN for validation.
3. Enter the PIN number and click 'Verify' to verify your number.Your contact number will change after successful verification.

Edit my profile

Hiding your phone number

You can control 100% privacy on your phone number. Contact details settings allows you to control who can contact you along with the convenient time to call as well. You can hide your number by selecting the 'Not visible to anyone' option.

change my Email address

Changing your Email

Email address is never shared by You can share it with others at a right time when you feel so.

Delete my profile, it is inactive

Deleting your profile

An inactive profile is not visible on our site and gets deleted automatically after 30 days.
However, if you are experiencing an issue with your account, we are here to help, and will be sorry to see you go.
Once you delete your account, it is permanently closed and unrecoverable.

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